Cartoon of man uncorking a well.
Certificates & Approvals

IWW (pdf) – Drinking water related hygienic assessment of the use of the well rehabilitation agent AIXTRACTOR 2.0 ®

DVGW (pdf) – Appraisal of the pH-neutral well rehabilitation agent AIXTRACTOR as per DVGW technical standards W319 and W130

DWI UK Approval confirmation Ref. nr. 56.4.1029

ELY Finland-Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa, Häme



Well Check Book

Well Check Book (pdf) – Well Check Book for Determination of Water Well Capacity


Tender specification

Tender Specifications – Combined Hydraulic-chemical Water Well Rehabilitation


Check lists

Monitoring & testing – Check list during operation minimum requirements (Houben & Treskatis 2020)

Inspection & maintenance – Check list (Houben & Treskatis 2020)

Examinations prior to rehabilitation – Check list (Houben & Treskatis 2020)